DREAM is a Dutch network of hospitals committed to stimulate quality of care, efficient use of means and clinical research.

We believe that quality of care can be improved by sharing results and experiences and by incorporating the patients' perspective. The DREAM collaboration takes on a holistic approach towards transparency of healthcare at all levels: the patient level, the hospital level and the population level.

DREAM-RA: registry for rheumatoid arthritis

With this approach, DREAM started a registry for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in 2003. The registry data provides an extensive and detailed picture of patients, both with respect to clinical characteristics and self-reported measures of quality of life. Results show that patients with RA are treated effectively, safely and with efficient use of means. 

SpA-Net: registry for spondyloarthritis

Initiated by dr. Astrid van Tubergen (Maastricht UMC+), a quality management system and registry was developed for spondyloartritis (SpA) after the example of DREAM-RA. SpA-Net enables the close monitoring of disease activity and quality of life of patients and can improve communication and patient empowerment. At the same time, SpA-Net offers transparency and real-life data for research.

IBDream: registry for inflammatory bowel disease

At the initiative of dr. Frank Hoentjen (Radboudumc), another quality management system and registry was developed in 2016 for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The data from IBDream provide a good representation of the quality of current IBD care, both with respect to clinical aspects and patient-reported quality of life.