The DREAM foundation

All financial and legal aspects of DREAM are handled by an independent foundation. The director of the DREAM foundation is Ir. H.S.A.G.Cuijpers.

The DREAM society

All DREAM registries are allied in the DREAM society. The board of directors of the DREAM society exists of:

  • President: Prof. dr. P.L.C.M. van Riel
  • Chair: Dr. T.L.Th.A. Jansen
  • Secretary: Dr. R. Bos
  • Chief science officer: Dr. H.E. Vonkeman
  • Treasurer: Dr. A. van Tubergen

Members of the DREAM society include the chairs of the DREAM teams.

The DREAM teams

For each registry an executive committee (DREAM team) is founded that is responsible for all organizational tasks. The DREAM teams consist of representatives of participating hospitals.

Each registry forms a quality committee that monitors whether participating hospitals meet the quality standards for delivering high quality data to the registry. Furthermore, nurses from participating hospitals form an advisory committee for each registry.